Leigh Credlin- Corona Speed Light Round

Leigh Credlin- Corona Speed Light Round
Q. What’s the thing you’ve done during iso you wouldn’t normally do?
Wear tracksuit pants out of the house. But I’ve been to the supermarket about twice wearing them. I also never imagined I would have had a meltdown on the phone to my mother about not being able to find toilet paper...
Q. Have you been glued to the news or do you have corona fatigue?
I’m staying updated but am not glued. I’m now mainly looking out for any articles about lockdowns easing.
Q. Not showering for 3 days bingeing on Netflix, working from home while homeschooling a litter of kids or somewhere in between?
Bingeing on Netflix... and Stan!
Q. Have you succumbed to Tiger King & banana bread?
Not yet and no as I can barely cook, let alone bake!
Q. How many zoom meetings have you done?
Too many to count. The more the merrier I say, mainly for the face-to-face check in time with my amazing co-workers
Q. What’s your favourite iso tipple?
Haven't really been drinking. Does peppermint tea count?
Q. Best show you’ve binged on?
I just finished Schitt's Creek. Soooo good! I am now worshipping at the altar of Moira Rose and will from here on be pronouncing baby as "Bebe"
Q. Go-to industry peer who you’ve asked for advice or kept in close contact with to get through it all?
Mel Field and my original work wife Nikita Lee
Q. Scariest conspiracy theory?
I'd send myself crazy if I looked into any.
Q. Thing you’ve missed the most?
Dating! The gym!
Q. Thing you’ve liked the most about it all?
I used to hate speaking on the phone and always preferred to text. But I've grown to love FaceTime!
Q. First thing you’ll do when we’re all free to do ANTHING again?
Go to the gym, hit up Oxford street and dance until morning, then book a trip to NYC.