About Us

It all began in 2004, when after many years in the PR & Events industry I had become frustrated by the number of event clashes we all experienced. It’s not fun to work on an event for 5 months only to discover the day before your biggest competitor is running theirs on the same night. Media, photographers and celebrities are often forced to run from one end of town to the other, resulting in two less-than-stellar parties. It’s even worse when there are multiple clashes...everyone loses.

Nerves set in when I was planning an important event for Cartier. I REALLY didn’t want to get the date wrong, so I emailed 25 PR friends to ask them if they had an event on the same night. After gathering the responses I chose June 1st, 2004 – and was thrilled to have absolutely no clashes, which in turn resulted in my very first “Party of The Week” from the Sun-Herald. This checking method was clearly beneficial so I began using it regularly, and soon the members of my little group asked if they too could email each other. A myriad of dates started flying around from all of us, so to make it clearer I gathered all the info, put it into a basic word document and sent it out to the group every Wednesday. It’s funny to look back at this time because it was never, ever meant to be a business. I was just trying to be helpful!

I began getting phone calls from PRs every day who wanted to receive this weekly calendar and soon I was emailing it to hundreds. When a friend offered to sponsor an online version, Social Diary was born. The website launched on January 12th, 2005 with a party at The Light Brigade and I was thrilled to receive such strong industry support. I started holding regular Social Diary parties – which began as small cocktail affairs and have now morphed into huge, crazy costume bonanzas. The newsletter started about a year later, and for many has become the focal point of Social Diary. And what’s a brand without an ambassador? Fang came along as Social Diary's much-loved mascot in March 2006 and his “Pet of the Week” section was born.

I am extremely passionate about our industry, and work hard to create a fun, warm and friendly platform which we can all communicate across. I have always believed that while PRs are competing against each other when pitching (may the best man win!) - but when not in pitch mode, we can all work together to benefit our clients. I love supporting work experience students and helping people break into the industry. I love nurturing greater understanding between PRs and Journalists. And most of all I love watching PRs become great friends when dancing in outrageous costumes with spunky topless boys... ;)

xxx Tiff & Fang